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The councillor for the environment, Territorial Planning and housing of the Basque Government, Iñaki Arriola, and the president of the Valle Salado De Añana Foundation and Deputy General of Álava, Ramiro González, have today visited the environmental itinerary of las salinas, whose complete route is lacking small finishes for its opening to the public. During the tour, Arriola and González have stopped especially at the viewpoint that the project has created in the upper part of las salinas, which offers a spectacular view of the whole of the Salado Valley and which is called to become one of its poles of attraction.

The environmental itinerary has a total length of 1,300 meters and discovers to visitors the ecological and biodiversity richness of the Alavés enclave, continuously exploited for thousands of years, with a journey that opens unprecedented perspectives of the singular landscape formed by the systems of catchment of the salt waters and the suspended evaporation eras. For this reason, the culmination of the ecological tour will also allow to enhance and complement the tourist attraction of this Alavés enclave. This project, financed by the Department of the environment of the Basque Government with 450,000 euros, will soon join the Basque network of environmental education equipment.

The itinerary created part of the saline spring that distributes the water between the ages, continues with the descent to the river Muerte, and, after crossing it, continues on the opposite bank, running in some sections under the characteristics eras of evaporation sustained by wooden pillars. The route introduces an important novelty over the existing ones, and is the possibility to walk next to the riverbed die and observe the different geological sediments that specially illustrate the history of the Valley and improve the understanding of the environment and its environmental characteristics. The road, sometimes almost suspended over the river, also allows the enjoyment of the water in a very close way, with a closed Walk of steep slopes on both sides.

During the execution of the work, the adaptation of Old Salt paths and the creation of new paths with bridges and bridges were carried out, as well as the recovery of wooden frames, walls, brine wells and salt production eras. Its construction has been carried out with strict environmental criteria, which include the use of only ecological materials.

Counselor Arriola has expressed the commitment of the Department of the environment to the recovery of the Salado Valley, stressing that the new itinerary “will allow a more complete and attractive experience of this unique landscape where nature and human action converge, enhancing its environmental, cultural and tourist values”.

For his part, the deputy general of Álava and President of the Valle Salado Foundation, Ramiro González, stressed the importance of interinstitutional collaboration and recalled the works completed only a few months ago by the Provincial Council of Álava to reserve 16 eras for research and also for the dissemination of the biodiversity of the Salado Valley. “Among all the institutions we are managing to contribute an environmental account to the Salado Valley which is one of the most important tourist attractions of Álava,” he celebrated.

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