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The ecological market of León comes out of the lethargy of the estío with vigor. The Orchard has given its fruits and shines on the stalls tomatoes, aubergines, acelgas, grapes, peppers, courgettes and pears… cheeses and even tasty ice cream.

As every first and Third Saturday of the month half a dozen producers-sellers come to the stands of the plaza del Conde. The tradition of marketing the products of the land in the capital is renewed with the offer of organic products, free of pesticides and Fertilizers.

The emblematic Plaza de abastos, recently with a fallen layer in the interior, comes alive with the Eco-market. Instead of clicking the cash registers, lively conversations between customers and sellers are heard.

Or happy encounters like that of a teacher with his former student from the Valencia Institute of Don Juan who has just launched himself into the world of organic farming with his sister in Asturias. Sergio and María Mozo, 26 and 25, studied at the Escuela de Ingeniería Agraria in León and have preferred to start rather than become a commercial company.

The example is at home. His aunt, Maribel, who makes and sells organic cheeses the Matadeón de los Oteros Dam. They have their own cabin of goats of bat race that they put in ecological after several years in conventional system. Why?. “As my husband says, we’ve always had the ramalazo, although at first we didn’t even know it existed. They tell you about subsidies that are then little, but in the end you do it out of conscience because if you want to cheat, you cheat,” he says.

Most have been known for years. They make cumshots and breathe an atmosphere of tranquility that houses little with the rush of fast shopping in the supermarkets. From the field to the basket, from you to you, and from producer to buyer. They are products of proximity and that bring people closer.

Benazolve legumes, Matalabos Del Páramo vegetables, cheeses, yogurt and even Matadeón de los Oteros ice cream, blueberries and raspberries from Asturias and the varied berciana Orchard reach the square without passing through logistic platforms.

“The feeding of the future will be that of the past,” Teo, client and friend said. “I didn’t take care of myself until I was 50, but I had a problem and started consuming products nearby,” he says.

Gabriel Alegre Castellanos, one of the founders of Agrele, points out that with next Saturday’s fair in the plaza de San Marcelo de León they intend to set an annual meeting for organic production in the capital that attracts farmers, ranchers and artisans from all over the geography.

This year they have about thirty participants and it will be one day, but they aspire to prolong it the two days of the weekend and to make it a national reference like other similar ones in Zamora, Asturias and Palencia.

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