Plants and flowers native to Peru

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Native plants are known to be those that always existed in a given area. Long before these places were inhabited and even explored. The native plants of Peru adapted to climate change and prospered.

Peru’s best known native plants

It is believed that there are approximately 25,000 plants native to Peru. They stand out for their nutritional, medicinal and decorative properties. Most of them are known and used by all the inhabitants of the country. Some of the best known native plants are:


Among the native plants of Peru, is this tuber, of soft sweet taste and crispy texture. You can eat it directly as a fruit or in juice. It is common today to enjoy yacon-based wine and syrup. Many times its leaves are taken in infusions, however, it is often recommended not to eat it too regularly as it can be harmful.


Andean plant that grows naturally. This grain contains a high nutritional value, ideal for feeding your children, because of its high protein content and low saturated fat level. It is very dear and valued not only for its taste and texture, but also for its versatility in the gastronomic field.


This fruit has an Apple-like shape, is green on the outside. Its flesh is white and completely covers the seeds of the fruit, usually brown or black. Its texture is creamy and very soft. It has a high level of sugars and proteins, as well as many other nutrients. Thanks to its soft, thin shell you can break it and eat from it directly.

Flowers Peru


Cantuta is the national flower of Peru and is known as the”sacred flower of the incas”. This is a beautiful flower and is available in various colors, including yellow, pink and purple.

Cantuta tricolor, which has red and yellow petals with a green base, is associated with an Inca Legend. The Legend is about two kings, their children, forgiveness and revenge. The yellow and red petals of the flower represent the two sons and the green base represents hope.

Beauty of the Night

Also known four hours and marvel of Peru. The flower comes in red, white, yellow, pink and magenta and is shaped like a trumpet.

Sometimes more than one flower color can be found growing on the same plant. The flower has a soft aroma and grows alone or in clusters.

The flower is quite short, because it blooms at night and kills the next morning. However, the plant gives flowers throughout the summer.


Also known as lobster claw hold. The plant originated in Peru and Ecuador. The flowering period of rostrata is from the end of June to the middle of September.

It has red bracts with yellow tips that make it look like a parrot’s beak. That’s why it’s called & # 39; Rostrata & # 39 ;, which means & # 39; beaked & # 39; in Latin.


The orchid is popular as a house plant all over the world. The flower grows naturally in the warmest areas of Peru. Several varieties of orchids can be found in the San Martin area of Peru.

Potato flower

The potato is a well-known vegetation, but the plant also produces beautiful flowers.

The potato flower is a small and delicate flower and comes in shades of purple, white and pink. Marie Antoinette, the Queen of France, wore potato flowers on her hair.

Potatoes are grown in abundance in Peru and are the main exports. Thus, this flower can be found in several parts of the country.

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