Ornamental sun plants

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Are you lucky to have a lot of sunshine in your home both inside and outside? If you are one of the lucky ones who can enjoy a terrace, garden, balcony or patio with many hours of sun… I’m sure you’ll love spending time enjoying the outdoors when there’s good weather! But a great way to enjoy the outdoors is to make it surrounded by nature and with a shade protector for you like a awning or pergola.

To be surrounded by nature you will have to have plants outside your home that survive well to these daily conditions, so they will have to be resistant to the sun. If you have a lot of sun and you don’t know which plants could do better without them dying over time… do you want to know some plants that will go great for you? If so, Continue reading this green Ecology article on ornamental sun plants.


Lavender will be a great floor for your terrace, balcony, garden or sunny patio. In addition to being a beautiful plant thanks to its purple and very aromatic color, due to its particular smell you can embellish every corner of your garden with it.

Lavender is a plant that needs calcareous ground, dry and lots of sun. It is a very resistant plant to pests and diseases. Lavender does not stand the shade and its leaves would wither (especially if the ground is too clayey), making it ideal for a sunny garden.


The laurel, like lavender, is an aromatic plant that you will love to have in your sunny garden, and it will also serve to aromatize your meals.

The laurel bears the cold badly so in winter it is advisable to keep it under cover.

The geraniums

Geraniums are plants that when they bloom are beautiful, but if they lack the sun… it will never bloom. Geranium is a plant that will need sun to be able to live healthily.

Geraniums are poorly resistant to pests and diseases, so their care must be taken into account to keep them healthy.


Margaritas do not like clay soil and are perfect for growing under the sun. Besides, margaritas have a particular beauty thanks to their white petals.


Cactus are plants that everyone knows can be in the sun for hours and hours that won’t die. They are also very comfortable plants because the water is very well dosed and it is not necessary to water them often.

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