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Green shelter that protects plants at risk

Educational, university and international research institutions come to find a space for studying and developing practices.

The Board of trustees of the Park of the Legends (PATPAL), widely known for its zoo and for the archaeological sites, features a Botanical Garden of 4.7 hectares which comes to gaining the increasing attention of visitors.

“In total, 16 areas have been established that house 1,531 species –between exotic and native-grouped into 127 Botanical families, with more than 4,000 specimens,” says Dr. Guillermo Pino Infante, creator and advisor of this Conservation Center.

Important initiatives, such as that of Flor Perú – Federación de Clubes de Jardines, have been added to their work. Nancy Ricci De Capipo, coordinator of the organization, points out that thanks to agreements signed with the Parque de las Leyendas, she has contributed to the implementation of thematic gardens that complement the development of the Botanical Garden.

Nancy Ricci points out that Flor Peru has also participated with the donation of the Botanical Garden’s signectic, with strict quality standards.

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