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Green light to the eight-story building

The municipal government today grants to Urbanizadora Herculina, promoter of Ángel Jove, permission to build another new building in the so-called poligono De Náutica, in San Roque de Fora. It will raise eight Heights and four basements on the coast, with facades to walk Ronda and Admiral Cadarso. It is granted a new license, after the Marea government declared the one given to it in 2013 expired, only a few months before the approval of the general plan and therefore in line with the less restrictive 1998 plan. The company appealed to the courts for the stay but, at the same time, even though it won a judicial victory in the first instance, it modified its project and requested a new authorization at the end of 2018. He now gets permission after adapting the design to the 2013 general plan, according to sources from the City Planning Council.

The Angel Jove building will have eight floors (seven and attic) and four basements, destined for cars and storage rooms, with two commercial premises of 107 square meters. In total, 30 floors and 42 parking spaces. Herculina developer, who will invest 1.97 million euros in the project, had to present several versions of the building until a favorable report was obtained.

The first one was sent in August last year. Being in an Integrated Planning Area, that is, in an area whose building rights come from the 1998 plan signed by the vazquista government, he defended before the Concello to maintain some of these faculties, such as the computation of buildings, which were corrected by urbanism to adapt to the 2013 plan.

The last of the changes was in February of this year, after which he obtained the favourable report of the technicians. The Board of Local Government ratified today the building permit, so that Developers Herculina will lift the block, which will accompany the new building in glass of a dark color that is seen from the whole of the bay of la coruña. You have 36 months to do that.

According to municipal sources, the company did not wait for the resolution of the judicial conflict that began in 2017, when Xulio Ferreiro’s executive declared that the permission to build granted prior to the approval of the pgom in 2013 expired. It was the only declared expiration on the Polygon, after reporting that it was going to do so with other neighboring projects.

The court agreed with the company in the first instance. It annulled the expiry and concluded that it could lift the building on the basis of permission prior to the new general plan because the land problems encountered by the company justified the project’s stoppage for several years. The Concello appealed, but the judicial process is in the water of blurring with the new project.

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