Ecology and public toilet work

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Among the most important actions in this first year of Municipal Government, the Directorate of Ecology and public toilet stand out in both operational and inspection actions, as well as reforestation of the main lungs of the city, in addition to promoting the culture of respect for animal welfare.

For this reason, more than 520 inspections of businesses, commercial and service establishments were carried out to address citizen complaints about environmental damage and the image of our city, as well as to implement preventive and regulatory measures to prevent ecological deterioration. Hence, the legal coordination of Environmental Inspection was also established.

In relation to reforestation, resulting from agreements with various companies and civil associations, irrigation, clean-up and continuous deshierbe actions were redoubled, as well as planting more trees, particularly in the Urban Park “Paseo de la Presa”, because it is an emblematic space not only for the capital potosina, but for the entire state, in order to preserve this natural recharge zone of the aquifer of the San Luis Potosí Valley.

These planting work also reached several camellones, including those located in the Industrial Zone, Rioverde Road, axes 122, 123 and 124; in addition, agreements were reached for the reforestation of common areas in satellite city, as well as with representatives of apples from various colonies of the city.

About the protection of the rights of animals, along with more than 50 protection associations and the College of Veterinarians of San Luis Program was created to “Animal Welfare” and started the campaign “Without Strap does Not”, which included more than 40 lectures with an attendance of 2 thousand people.

In addition, the mobile sterilization unit was restored and repaired, which provided care to pets in 14 parts of the city for the benefit of inhabitants of more than 70 colonies.

Finally, the Directorate of ecology, along with Civil Protection, Public Security, the Directorate of Commerce, INTERAPAS and the Coordination of Human Rights, as well as the Secretariat of Ecology and Environmental Management (SEGAM), toured the barrilleras and confiscated hazardous and special handling waste such as oils, tires, impregnated rags, plastics, among others prohibited in environmental norms.

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