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Drinking water and wastewater plants

The Plant of Drinking Water Treatment (PTAP) and the Treatment Plant Wastewater (WWTP) will be a reality in the city of Huarmey, in the province most affected in Ancash during the Phenomenon of El Niño Coastal 2017.

On Tuesday, the Provincial Municipality of Huarmey and Antamina will sign a cooperation agreement. The project is budgeted at 137 million soles and will be implemented through tax works.

Congressman Carlos Dominguez Herrera also announced that for the signing of the agreement, the Premier Salvador del Solar and the Minister of Housing, Construction and Sanitation, Miguel Estrada Mendoza will arrive in Huarmey.

We have had a technical meeting between the executive director of the National Forest and Wildlife Service (Serfor), Luis Alberto Gonzales-Zúñiga Guzmán; the provincial mayor of Huarmey, Elmer Dueñas; and the Antamina technical team, to finalize details on the execution of two large-scale works for Huarmey,” he said.

Dominguez explained that these projects will guarantee the health of the huarmeyan population that suffered the attacks of nature in March 2017. “These projects of the WWTP and PTAP will end up with the pollution, the collapse of drains, and increase the production of the liquid element, and ending with the stock today with the neighbors of Huarmey,” he said.

During El Niño Costero, the overflowing rivers and torrential rains flooded the town of Huarmey, causing the complete collapse of drinking water, drainage, the Support Hospital, schools and its power plant.

It should be noted that the change Reconstruction Authority (RCC) planned to invest 213 million soles for the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the infrastructure damaged by the rains, of which 45 per cent of the budget allocated was for the reconstruction of Huarmey hospital.

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