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The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and sustainable development of the Junta de Andalucía has published on Tuesday the 13th in the BOJA the authorization for the use of conventional feed and fodder to feed organic livestock in an additional way, an exceptional and temporary measure that, as stressed by the councillor, Carmen Crespo, “it is the result of the commitment of the Andalusian government to the maintenance of the productive sectors and responds to the agreement reached with agricultural organizations and agro-food cooperatives to mitigate the effects of the drought and to prevent problems of animal welfare”.

Crespo has detailed that the Andalusian government’s resolution specifies that this authorisation ‘shall apply to organic farms throughout the Andalusian territory’, since it is found that the drought in pastures affects almost the whole of the autonomous community and that this situation is causing fodder shortages and a decline in the production of pastures. In addition, the latest statistics on the production of dried arable crops, of which livestock is also fed as a supplement, indicate an average fall of 30%.


The resolution authorising conventional feeding for organic livestock production of herbivore species states that only raw materials which are manufactured without the use of chemical solvents and which do not contain genetically modified organisms or products derived from them may be used.

In addition, this permission is exceptional also affects the beekeeping organic can feed the hives so artificial honey produced ecologically and, preferentially, in the same ecological unit, sugar or organic sugar syrup green. Artificial feeding may only be used between the last harvest of the honey and the 15 days prior to the next period of nectar and myelade flow.

Finally, the resolution published today in the COLORS indicates that all livestock that make use of this permission is to alleviate the effects of the drought, they should notify their agency of control through the model established to the effect and available on the website of the Counseling and keep a documentary record of the supplies of non-organic food that is use during the period of exceptionality, in order to ensure that the control bodies monitoring the application of this measure can ensure that the producer acquires only the necessary food intended for his animals during the shortage time and not beyond.

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